TCI 130

Rear loading bin washing vehicle, enhanced version
Macchina a caricamento posteriore con tecnologia evoluta di lavaggio , per telai da 16 a 26 t , le massime prestazione nel lavaggio.

The evolution of the TECME washing technology never stops. In TCI 130 a careful design, a new way to load the bins and operate the washing mechanisms provide a superior washing quality in a very limited time. The machine is always provided with back loading and footboards, and a full range of options offered by TECME.
TCI 130 reinvents rear loading, revolutionizing the concepts of bin loading and washing body positioning. Close attention has been paid to the washing of the lid and of the emptying edge of the bin. In these two crucial points TCI offers its best with an innovative and unique solution in the market. As always TECME realizes bin washers that distinguish themselves on the market for the use of high quality stainless steels to manufacture binlifters, washing chamber and tank. The washing chamber is completely closed to prevent the leakage of splashing during washing.