TECME for 20 years has designed and built waste management equipment: bin washers, street washers, municipal solid waste collection

For over 20 years TecMe has been a player in the European market of the waste collection equipment with its range of bin washing machines, street washing equipment, and dump bodies for municipal solid waste collection..
Our machines have always been sold throughout Europe: Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Portugal and Switzerland. We have also been in the South American and Russian market for a long time. We have been especially active in the foreign markets where, with our high quality products, we have been able to enter very demanding markets such as Germany, France and Spain.
Our company is constantly growing and today we are pleased to present our products that follow a continuous evolution, in order to meet all the new requirements of a growing market.
In the plant of Colognola ai Colli near Verona, along the Milan-Venice motorway, TecMe has all the necessary infrastructures to set up equipment with the most modern quality standards.


A brief history

Over twenty years ago Ottavio Menin for the first time began to venture into the world of industrial washing.At first with small machines for chassis washing, then with the first designs for bin washers.
He gradually began, using able external aids, to fully design the machines and to manufacture fundamental, innovative parts.
He succeeded in creating a new product and a market niche.
Over the years he was flanked by Maurizio and Stefano Bogoncelli with whom he created a new company and began to establish the first TECME.With the combination of the forces, step by step Tecme began to be increasingly independent and organized.
Subsequently, the arrival of Fabrizio Menin allowed to develop in house the software of the machines and the associated electrical and electronic systems. Finally Tecme is totally independent and able to manage all the aspects of the machines.
When new design technologies began available, Alessio Menin introduced 3d design tools in the company.
With a better organization the company achieved a higher production capacity and commercial opportunities.

With the gradual exit of the first generation of entrepreneurs, shareholders open the door to exchanging shares with a larger group, with the ambition of becoming the world’s leading bin washer company.

In April 2023 FARID INDUSTRIES acquires control of the TECME ETE company and opens a new chapter.



Our philosophy is to create original products, thanks to our experience and our distributors. Our customers are our eyes and our ears.They have the fundamental task of guiding us along the difficult path of continuous product improvement.
In the market we are distinguished for providing reliable, simple, durable, easy to maintain products.
At the same time we treasure our economic fabric in the north-east of Italy: we are flexible and provide fast responses and our prices are competitive.
Our machines are designed with the aim of ensuring a long lifecycle thanks to their reliability. For this reason, the technical and production departments are always active to improve the products and introduce new technologies.