Rear loading bin washing vehicle, standard version
Macchina a caricamento posteriore, per telai da 12 a 26 t, lo standard del lavaggio.

LIMPMATIC is a reference product in the washing industry, rear loading with or without footboard, full range of options. For 60 to 1100 litres bin with plate DIN or OCHSNER coupling. All parts in contact with water are made ​​of high quality stainless materials.
LIMPMATIC is part of the history of TECME, being among the first products manufactured. In our business philosophy innovation is crucial, so LIMPMATIC has continuously changed over the years. The changes and improvements have been such as to make it the most reliable product on the market. Established and highly reliable technological solutions, make LIMPMATIC a reference product in the washing industry.
LIMPMATIC has always been equipped with a total closure of the washing chamber to prevent the leakage of splashing during washing.