SL 40

Bin washer on trailer
SL 40
Macchina su rimorchio, per funzionare staticamente ma spostarsi velocemente, o come macchina a rimorchio funziona come un normale posteriore. Elettrico o diesel, vasta gamma possibilità.

SL40 is a novel idea. A bin washer on a trailer. This means having a 3000kg stationary machine, that can be easily pulled. In 10 minutes you are ready to go. The machine works in an area equipped with appropriate drains, but, in order to work, just requires water for washing (as it is not equipped with a large volume tank).
It can work with diesel engine or electric motor (connected to the mains). SL40 includes the same core technology as TCI 130, the best solution for those seeking great washing quality.
As always TECME realizes bin washers that distinguish themselves on the market for the use of high quality stainless steels to manufacture binlifters, washing chamber, and tank. The washing chamber is completely closed to prevent the leakage of splashing during washing.