Rear loading bin washing vehicle, mini version
Macchina a caricamento posteriore per telaio da 3.5t, lo soluzione mini negli ingombri, optional limitati ma grande autonomia con il riciclaggio dell'acqua.

Mini35 is the smallest machine manufactured by TECME. Width 1800mm set up dedicated to weight saving.  Mini35 is a rear loading machine, which can be driven by a single operator provided with B driving license. A low cost machine, with limited options to limit its weight, yet with big ambitions. The ability to install a water filtration system with self-cleaning filter, increases the autonomy of the machine up to reaching a productivity similar to MINILIMP.
As always TECME realizes bin washers that distinguish themselves on the market for the use of high quality stainless steels to manufacture binlifters, washing chamber, and tank. The washing chamber is completely closed to prevent the leakage of splashing during washing.